Intex Multi-coloured 100 Piece Fun Balls in Milnerton, Western Cape for sale

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– Whether indoors or outdoors, the intex fun ballz are a great way to familiarise children with different colours and improve agility and gross motor coordination
– They can also be used as props in imaginative play
– The opportunities are endless and so is the fun!
– Whether your ball pit still has its original complement of balls, or whether half of them have been squashed, lost under the couch, or chewed up by the dog, you can’t go wrong buying a couple of extra
– Intex’s bag contains 100 balls in assorted bright colors, each measuring roughly 3 inches in diameter
The balls are simple to use:
– Just pour them into the play pit, add the children, and stir for many hours of fun
– 100 bright, colourful balls (red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple)
– easy to pack away and store with carry bag
– can be added to any jump-o-lene
– 100 balls
– 6.5cm diameter balls
– 39cm (height of carry bag)